Decentralized Autonomous Organization for Climate Projects

Empowering sustainable initiatives for a better future.

Biosphere Rocks

How does it work?

  • DAO Biosphere Rocks

    DAO Biosphere Rocks

    Decentralized Autonomous Organization for climate projects

    Make a proposal in Discord
  • Biosphere Rocks DAO uses Polygon for its environmental commitment

    Biosphere Rocks DAO uses Polygon for its environmental commitment

    Polygon is going carbon negative and will work to become the first blockchain to be climate positive.

    Polygon for the planet

1. Make a proposal in Discord

Start the process by submitting your project proposal in our Discord community.

2. Contribute to the cause

A smart contract will be created to store the proceeds from the proposal. Contribute to fund the project.

3. Execute the proposal

Once the funding goal is reached, the community votes to execute the proposal and bring the project to life.

The community that makes contributions will have the decision and vote to execute the proposal. Example proposals include reforestation, Renewable Energy in Rural Communities, Sustainable Agriculture, cleaning rivers and seas, etc. This section is on Web3.

Participation is key! Biosphere Rocks DAO invites you to be an active part of this movement. You can contribute with innovative ideas, specific skills, or simply showing your support. The diversity of perspectives and talents is what makes this DAO so powerful. Together, we can have a significant impact in the fight against climate change.


Explore and vote on climate proposals to shape our sustainable future.

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